The company Habros Bicicletas located at Moctezuma Street #4, Colonia Estacion, Ciudad Ixtepex, Oaxaca, was founded on November 30, 1988, by Mr Gerardo Pedro Acosta.

Habros began as a bycicle workshop, where only its founder worked approximately 3 years. Subsequently, it managed to stablish itself as a store selling products of the bicycle insudtry. Thanks to the good acceptance in the market, the company managed to have a greater growth in its sales and inventories.

In 1995, it was consolidated has Habros Bicicletas S.A de C.V. being Mr. Gerardo Pedro Acosta a majority shareolder and legal representative of the company. During this time there were 8 employees who carried out different activities in the same, by then foreign sales were already beign made in the states of Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca.