The company Habros Bicicletas located at Moctezuma Street No. 4, Colonia Estación, Ciudad Ixtepec, Oaxaca, was founded on November 30, 1988 by Mr. Gerardo Pedro AcostaHabros began as a bicycle workshop, where only its founder worked approximately 3 years. Subsequently, it managed to establish itself as a store selling products of the bicycle industry. Thanks to the good acceptance in the market, the company managed to have a greater growth in its sales and inventories.

In 1995, it was consolidated as Habros Bicicletas S.A. de C. V., being Mr. Gerardo Pedro Acosta a majority shareholder and legal representative of the company. During this time there were 8 employees who carried out different activities in the same, by then foreign sales were already being made in the states of Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca.

From the year 2000, thanks to the efforts and the acceptance of the products in the aforementioned states, the company began to expand, entering the market of the State of Tabasco. For the year 2004, the company had the vision to carry out its purchases internationally, being Taiwan, China and India its main suppliers.

In 2005, the first order of imported products from Taiwan was received, acquiring 3 containers per year. In 2007, thanks to market demand, it allowed the company to establish its first office and warehouse in Calle 26 de Enero de 1857 N ° 1251, Colonia Leyes de Reforma, Iztapalapa Delegation, Mexico City. Subsequently, it changed its location to Calle Escobillera N ° 17, Lot 8, Block 14, Colonia Central de Abastos, Iztapalapa, State of Mexico, current address. In addition, there is a sales, distribution, warehouse and distribution team.

Nowadays, Habros Bicicletas S.A. de C. V is an Oaxacan company characterized by the sale and distribution of spare parts for bicycles and motorcycles, concerned to ensure the satisfaction of its customers by offering quality products from prestigious brands worldwide.

Currently, the company has 45 employees who perform different functions for the development of the same, striving every day to maintain their competitiveness in the national market in the field of bicycles, putting into practice values ​​such as discipline, respect, Honesty, honesty and teamwork, which allow us to maintain a close relationship with our customers, suppliers and distributors.